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a bloggers silence

Today I will not post a blog. I will join bloggers from around the world in silence for those in Japan. Please visit For Japan with Love for more information or make a donation to help shelter those in Japan here.


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outfit of the day: maximizing a dress

  What I wore: Target multi way maxi dress and fedora hat, Caniche Infinity necklace, Gifted gold bracelets.   This is my go to dress. It can be dressed ANYWAY because it goes multiple ways! After attending weddings/events I spent a lot buying different dresses for each event. So, to budget/save I opted for this maxi dress that can instantly change it's form. It can be a strapless for the day out and then instantly turn to a one shoulder evening dress. It seriously amuses me, because I can go out to lunch with some friends and go into a room and change the dress to an evening out dress.   Check out the many different ways here:    

outfit of the day: going overboard

    what I wore: Caniche blouse and bracelet, Old Navy shorts, Shoe Show sandals, and gifted earrings and gold bracelet   A twist on a nautical look. I'm probably going overboard on the stripes, but it is definitely my favorite look for summer time! My husband took me out on a date. He took me for a downtown stroll in the evening. I love our downtown, historic and cute boutiques! We stopped by boutiques, antique shop, candy shop and an old bookstore. He even got me the top i'm wearing in today's outfit. After we enjoyed listening to a band, the ultimate eagles tribute band. A great date night spent with my husband!   date night photos: left to right (candy shop on main, literary book post, and Okey Dokey antique shop)

First Home: DIY wooden white picket fence for $60

  We bought this fence from Lowe's and put it together. The fence and poles were $40 (I have rounded up). My husband and brother dug holes for the poles (3 each) and then attached the fence. This fence doesn't surround our home. The fence is in front of our vegetable garden beds. My husband and I painted it white . The paint and tools were $20. I would say this project took us approximately 6+ hours. My husband then added three pink climbing roses (from Home Depot) and some mulch to finish.       Original inspiration: