Monday, December 5, 2016

Washburn Family

Oh my goodness! I love these photos..and this family =) Are they not the most gorgeous family?! And their outfits are so perfectly fit! It was cold, but they were such great sports. You know the faces you make when you're cold?! Well this family could fool us! What cold weather?! LOL I love when a family can make a cold day outside feel like we're having fun in the sun!

As I was walking around with the Washburns, they gave me a history lesson on the area. It was so neat. I love when a place has history! I couldn't believe how far it has come.

This Christmas is special. This is their little one's first Christmas! How fun and sweet!! Isn't she a cutie pie & so good for the camera! She loved when her dad held her up! So sweet!

This is such a sweet family and I'm so glad we got to spend time with them! I hope ya'll enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Naseem is turning one

This little one is so adorable, his smile!!! Naseem is turning one and his cake smash is super special. A paw patrol themed cake smash was so fun! I have actually not watched Paw Patrol, but I adore this theme and the cute dogs!! His momma brought part of the cake she saved from her gender reveal party. OMG! How amazing is that?! He really enjoyed eating his cake too! Naseem is quite the cutie. His momma and daddy put a lot of effort in the outfits! They had a special shirt made for the cake smash. I adore all of the details and thought put in! His momma knows how to get him giggly for the camera too because his smiles are just for her.

His birthday is in a couple of weeks and I sure hope he has the best one because turning one is so awesome! Happy Birthday Naseem!
Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the session!

20161123-DSC_0362 20161123-DSC_0424 20161123-DSC_0435 20161123-DSC_0454copy 20161123-DSC_0470copy 20161123-DSC_0473copy 20161123-DSC_0479copy 20161123-DSC_0488 20161123-DSC_0526 20161123-DSC_0646 20161123-DSC_0671 20161123-DSC_0707 20161123-DSC_0720 20161123-DSC_0723

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

emma + phetvyseth - Family


Phetvyseth has known me since I was a kid and now he has a family and is expecting a boy! So amazing! It was excellent catching up on everything. Their little girl Hazel is around Haylee's age and they had a fun time off camera sharing some toys. I am so impressed Hazel is learning three different languages! Isn't she the cutest and so smart!!! She comes from a pretty great family. Her dad travels the globe for his job and I am jealous!!! Really the whole family is the best.

The day was a bit cold but warmed up as we got into capturing their cute family photos! I am so grateful for the sun and that they have a great attitude. They completely trusted me with the creative process and I am grateful for them!

I can't wait for them to get their package. I hope ya'll enjoy a few of my favorite photos and thanks so much!

20161120-DSC_0144 20161120-DSC_0761 20161120-DSC_0259 20161120-DSC_0105 20161120-DSC_0943 20161120-DSC_0926 20161120-DSC_0871 20161120-DSC_0829 20161120-DSC_0796 20161120-DSC_0777 20161120-DSC_0277 20161120-DSC_0264 20161120-DSC_0125 20161120-DSC_0086 20161120-DSC_0079

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

natalie turns 2


I have known Natalie since she was in her mommy's tummy! Hard to believe this beautiful sweet girl is 2!!! Time flies! She is a wonderful, cheerful and sharp girl! Her momma & daddy should be ecstatic with the job they are doing!

We had a wonderful time at this session! Natalie played with Haylee and her brother Eli before we started. It was a blast watching them play musical instruments! They could make their own band!

We found this beautiful spot with flowers for her photo session. It was perfect! Her momma did a wonderful job with her outfit, it is so cute!!! Natalie liked playing with the flowers. However the balloons and bubbles were way more exciting. I had fun watching her with the balloons and bubbles. I definitely got some giggles!!

Hope ya'll enjoy these photos! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATALIE!!!

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