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Haylee Marie at 3!!

My daughter is now three years old! I was told she is not in the toddler age. I beg to differ because I mostly cannot handle how fast she is growing. Her birthday was actually a week ago, but it's challenging to balance everything going on. For example, I sat with Haylee for 30 minutes as she had a meltdown about me eating dinner in my office rather than my usual dinner at the table with the rest of our little family. Currently she is sitting next to me eating dinner as I type this blog post and singing Moana tunes to me. Yep, you might think of me as a pushover. I will argue that i'm choosing my battles. HA! 
Before I talk about her birthday party, I want to say Thanks for coming to spend time with Haylee. and the birthday wishes on social media.  It truly means a lot to us and to her. I want to also reflect on Haylee and everything I have come to learn about her. Haylee is very sensitive, dramatic, playful, loud, funny,  and creative. Haylee has learned a lot of skills sinc…
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North Carolina Fourth of July

Happy Birthday America! Souwan, Haylee and I had a wonderful time cooking out with family at home. I'm excited for watching the Capitol fireworks from the comforts of our couch because we are back at work tomorrow. We hope you and your family have a happy and safe 4th of July. I added photos from the Faith Fourth Fair and my nephew Jerwuan's VTO All American Challenge here. My sis in law and her family along with her sis in law and friends came to North Carolina to be a part of a training football camp. It was their first trip here. We were out there all weekend cheering the three boys while they played among 100 few other players. This is one of the top football camps to be in and we are so proud of all three who made top 5 in their group!! While they were in town we loved showing them North Carolina (in hopes that the boys would come play for one of the colleges here hahaha). Souwan and I took my daughter Haylee and my nephew Josh to the Faith Fair which is a huge tradit…