Monday, October 10, 2016

apple picking season

I haven't posted on here in a month! I kid you not my list of to dos has gotten very long. With the holidays it means more things to do, however i'm thankful because it means some great content/photos are coming soon! I'll try not to curl up in a ball and get overwhelmed.

I skipped the post on our Charleston trip, but I will post those up. I took so many photos so I will try and pick my favorites out to post soon! Hope everyone is safe there! It saddens me to see all of the news on hurricane Matthew.

Here are photos from our trip to Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC. It was our first family trip to the apple orchard and hopefully not our last. Haylee loves apples and she had a blast picking her apples! She has gotten really great at following directions. She would pick the apple and put them in her bucket. (of course she did quality testing on some of the apples)

Who knew there were soooooooo many apples!!! There were so many different apples to choose from! Souwan and I packed some for snacks, baked apple pies, and made apple fritters. I think we might turn into apples after eating all of them. At the orchard they sold apple cider donuts and apple cider EVERYTHING! We loved the donuts! Haylee enjoyed an apple cider slushie and apple juice in an apple bottle!! Apple for days!!!! LOL

Souwan and I did not know what to expect our first time apple picking. We were not prepared. For others we could tell this was not there first time. They had wagons, water, carriers, and ladders. The weather was very warm for Fall and we got overwhelmed very quick. Our long hike for Asian pears turned into a gold mine and we brought back a bunch of pears!  Even though it was warm and the trees were still the lush green, I loved the mountain views! There is nothing like it!

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I had fun photographing every moment of it.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3rd Annual Dragon Boat Festival at High Rock Lake

The boat race was earlier this month. It's been quite crazy around here this month. We had the boat race, Haylee's birthday, family visiting and a beach trip coming. It's been a great/busy month.
This is the 3rd annual boat race, however it was our first time. We had a great time out on the lake. It was very hot, but we had a tent set up, fans and lots of refreshments! Haylee really enjoyed it and had fun with everyone! My husband was in the race and I was a happy cheerleader! They got 2nd place and the corporate health cup.
I hope we get to attend this again in the future, enjoy the photos!
DSC_0284copy DSC_0285copy DSC_0288copy DSC_0296copy DSC_0300copy DSC_0305copy DSC_0331copy DSC_0338copy DSC_0352copy DSC_0377copy DSC_0379copy DSC_0396copy DSC_0411copy DSC_0453copy DSC_0511copy DSC_0615copy DSC_0616copy
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