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OOTD: yellow skinny belt

Top: Gift/not sure where Cardigan: Express Skirt: Express Belt: Birthday Gift/Kohls (Thank you Dina)
Fall is here! You will probably be seeing more fall looks. By that I mean cardigans, tights, and boots! I'm excited for that. I just got a lot of chunky sweaters, tall/ankle boots (birthday gifts from Mai and my aunt), and tights (also birthday gift). I received some great birthday gifts to play up my wardrobe. This belt was a gift from Dina. Sooo sweet! I loved how it gave my ensemble a pop of color. Thanks again all for the birthday gifts and wishes! Stay tuned for fall looks.
My fall must haves: Ankle boots/tall boots-Check Stacked bangles-Check Infiniti scarves- Will probably be getting it this weekend Eeep! Flare Jeans- not sure if I really want this Satchel- I tried this at F21 and i'm not sure if I like it as much. Maybe you will? Lady like dresses- Check design Tights-Check
What about you?

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NOTW: birthday sparkle

This week's nail of the week! Last week was my birthday. To celebrate it, I made my nails sparkle! My nails looked like a party. Confetti on my fingers. I love glitter and sparkle. This nail polish looks like glitter just exploded on my nails. Love! I used Wet N Wild's fast dry. I do not have the name of it, but its a sparkly polish with green, blue, silver, and purples. I thought it would need a clear coat over it, but it doesn't. It dries smooth and has no need for it. As for the base I used NYC quick dry in 204b west village color. It is a navy blue polish. Hope you like it!

mondays with mark: royaled up

I just got back from vacay. So expect many and lots of posts of my birthday weekend. Warning I am super tired! Plus Susan G. Komen is this weekend! See ya there?! Last week I wore my crystyle la skirt. I think it was amazing. Visit the site here! Here is the makeup I wore with the outfit. I chose royaled up from the new super mark flip for it. A pretty bold purple eye color! Also with the color black tie. Check it out. Don't forget to enter the giveawy, still some time. Go here!

25 for 25

Earlier this month I promised special blog posts. Did I deliver? Ahh- don't be mad. I tried! I was not able to give you 25 years of pictures. I have a GAZILLION reasons to defend myself. Be prepared ha! Instead, here are 25 facts about me. So much better!

1. I was on a dance team. Thai dancing to be specific.

2. My fave sport is basketball. I love college bball. Go Tarheels!

3. Favorite food- pho or papaya salad. I could eat that forever.

4. I'm wierdly obsessed with chips. Seriously, around my bed you will see at least one bag of chips.

5. I loose track of two things (ALWAYS): my phone and keys. It's soooo annoying and pathetic >_< . There are several people who know this to be true!

6.  I am lactose intolerant.

7.  I have grown up with 6 brothers, well one-blood. I love them-what else can I say? Ha!

8. For my senior prom, I wore a traditional Thai gown. It was sooo beautiful. Fairytale like!

9. In school I was voted most bashful.

10. I am Souwan's girlfrien…

NOTW: nyfw runway inspired

On the runway at Alice + Olivia show I was inspired by these nails! Thanks to twitter and teen vogue I was able to get a peek at every fashion show. My fave was Alice+Olivia and Oscar De La Renta. This may not be trending right now, but it looks like it will for the spring! Alice+Olivia models were sporting black nail polish with white stripes. What do you think? I adore it! Check my inspired nails out. I used NYC in a black polish and used the Sally Hansen pen in white. I only painted one instead of all my nails. A little less crazy for the office. So awesome! This is pretty cute easy nail look for someone who is not great at nails---ME. Sorry for the dark picture, bad lighting.

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OOTD: patterned crystylela skirt

Top: The Limited Skirt: Crystlela Jewlery: Gift/Kohls Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Attention fashionistas! A new really cute online retail shop -! You see that cute skirt I'm wearing? It's Crystylela's. I looovvveee it. I do not own a variety of patterned skirts. I really wanted to step out of my comfort area for a bit. It can be a wreck adding color and texture to my daily work outfits. Patterns and textures make me nervous. I think of myself as a plain jane. I saw this skirt and had to have it! It is important when choosing something new for your wardrobe to love the pattern and colors. Otherwise it will sit in your closet. Now you can get away with mixing patterns and colors. So choose now to do it!

Go visit Crystylela's site here sometime ok?! Note: Crystylela will be participating in greenjeans extravaganza this week- so if you are in the Lake Norman area go shop/check it out. Say hey and that you are a friend of mine! If you are interested and can only view…

mondays with mark: ombre eyes

How to:
FACE: Dust shade al fresco all over the face.EYES: Sweep shade tiger lily over the lids and up to the brow bones. Run shade greenery about half way along the lower lash lines. Blend shade black tie into shade greenery and extend the lines to the outer corners of the eyes. Run no place to run in shade jet set along the upper lash lines and shade grassroots along the water rims (inside lower lash lines). Brush two coats of scanda-lash in shade blacklash onto lashes. CHEEKS: Dust good glowing mosaic blush in shade love rush on the apples of the cheeks.LIPS: Apply lipclick SPF 15 color shine lipstick in shade glama.

september hit and misses: nail polishes

Hits: Icing's vernia & ongles chip resistant - It is chip resistant. The coloring is true and polishes beautifully. I really liked these colors. This nail polish was also having a deal at Claire's 2 for $5. The hot pink color was actually my mom's, but she disliked the colors. It was a very hot pink color. I liked that because it makes it a fun color! The paint goes on smooth, which is really nice. The polish only takes one or two coats in comparison to 100 on some others. I would recommend these!


Icing's pure ice- I love the white nails, but with this you would have to put a million coats before getting a solid white color on your nails. Which is a huge pet peeve. It also chipped after the first hour wearing it out. Another annoyance. There was no sale on this, but a good price at approx $2. This one was a miss for me.

LA Colors- I should have known better. The price $1 was too good to be true. The colors looked so beautiful in the packaging. However, it ta…

FOTD: party at D&B

I'm wearing a dark brown colored shadow from color workshop palette. And a highlighting color in a light beige color. I actually do not like how the highlight came off on camera. It's extra sparkly. I put eyeliner all around the eyes for a evening look. It is Mark's  no place to run. And the lip color is wet n wild #547b with Loreal's shine struck liquid lipcolor in splendid.
This past weekend I went out with Souwan and his family to Dave & Buster's. I played pool {not very well} and some arcade games. I love the arcade. In the summer time as a kid my brother and I would spend our vacation in the arcade at our local mall. My favorite game was punching the crabs that popped up and moved around. I forget what it's called, but you smash and pop the heads with a hammer like bat. That game was so much fun! The games now are a lot more different. I liked the ninja game! You chop these fruits up with your ninja hands LOL. I will put all of my fun moments at D&am…

OOTD: bow embellished skirt

Top: thrift Skirt: The Limited Jewlery: Belk's Headband: Claire's
A very classic look today. I paired a white flowy polyester tank, a skirt embellished with a bow and pearls. An added head band polishes off the look. BTW i'm a head band nerd. I like the classic style of this outfit. Black and white is always a go to color combo. These colors look good on anyone! Very work appropriate. Maybe add a cardigan/blazer over it. The flow of this top and the bow on the skirt are very feminine. Apologies for my hair, had to wear it up. Not enough time in the day to make it work. I would not pair a tank and think it to be professional, however this seems to work together. Thoughts?

potato dumplings

For lunch the other day we made potato dumplings. It was my first time making these. Thanks to my friend Dina who gave me this to try. It's a german type of food. The name of it is so long and a tongue twister when trying to say it! Pfanni Teig für Kartoffel-Knödel halb & halb- whaaaaaa?? ^_^ Yes, Dina will have to help me pronounce this when she comes back to the US. {Which is soon?!} Since I have met Dina, she has introduced me to soo much great German food. I love it.

So I made these potato dumplings or what I call it- potato balls. They are this potato mix made into a ball and boiled. Pretty simple.

They make 12 dumplings/balls. Ingredients include potatoes, starch, salt, flovouring, glucono delta lacton, sodium hydrogen carbonate, wheat starch, onion powder, vegetable oil. It all comes in this box. Not exactly where to find it, because Dina had given this to me.


1. Mix the content of the pack into 750ml of cold water and let it soak for 10 minutes.

2. Moi…

mondays with mark: black and white

With all of that said today my FOTD! I did not wear this to work, but it is a cute evening look. I used wings going opposite ways. It made me look animated in a way. At least that's what I believe ^_^.

All over the lid and brow bone: fluffy from my new mark super flip palette.

Eye lids: a gray color from color workshop palette.

Inner corners: black tie.

Lips: Loreal in soft peach

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In honor of September 11

FOTD: wings

Hey all,this FOTD was taken after work. Nothing too exciting. Just another everyday look played up a bit. I added little wings to my eyes with the eyeliner. The eye shadows are from mark urban neutral palette. The lips are wet n wild in seductive.
Any awesome weekend plans? This weekend I'm going to try and recreate carnival foods. I'll share soon.
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spa giveaway!

This is going to be like a mashup! I'm excited. One of the fashion challenge's was to turn our summer outfit into an outfit for the fall. Why put away all your fun summer clothes? One summer dress I have is a yellow maxi. To make it appropriate for the fall I put a crop length top over the maxi. I put on a belt and paired it with my fave heels and now it's a ready look for the fall. So simple. I think you can also do these with your mini dresses too. I will have to put that look up soon, it's too cute.

Top: Charlotte Russe Maxi Dress: Garden Ridge Shoes: Doll house Belt: Thrift Jewlery: Touch of Glamour Make up: Mark Urban Neutrals Palette & I Mark Corset, Lips- Mark Lipclick in TuTu
picture # 4 for 25 photos and years! See other photos in previous posts. Do you notice that I'm in a romper. I was so fashion forward ^_^.

Ok what you probably have been waiting for. My giveaway! This probably will not be the only one this month. It's a SPECIAL occassion. So much spec…

Crab Curry

Crab curry is my all time favorite food. I love love crab curry, but I have a problem opening them.  I eat the curry with rice noodles, but you can enjoy them with jasmine rice as well.  If you want to try this, the ingredients and directions are below.


2 boxes Snow Crab (pre-cooked)

2 Tbsp oil

4 cloves Garlic, minced

1 fresh red chili, minced

2 small Shallots

2 slices Ginger

1 can Curry paste

3 Tbsp Fish sauce

3 Green onions, finely sliced

1 can Coconut Milk

Hand full of Thai basil

2 tsp Sugar

Set a deep pot over medium-high heat.Drizzle in 2 Tbsp. oil and swirl around, then add the shallots, garlic, red chili, and ginger.Stir-fry 2-3 minutes, add curry paste, fish sauce, sugar, and coconut milk.Stir well over medium-high until combined.Taste sauce (add extra ingredient until your desire taste) then add cooked crab to the sauce.Gently turn the crab in the sauce to coat for 5-10 minutes.Add green onion and Thai basil.Serve with Thai jasmine rice or Rice noodles.Enjoy!  L…

mondays with mark: sneak peek mark super flip for it

I just got my new mark super flip for it. I tweeted about it as soon as I ordered it. This flip for it is not available to everyone yet, just insiders. So you can say it was very exciting to get it. The flip for it had great reviews saying it was very pigmented and had great colors. Just looking at it the colors stood out. I haven't done swatches before, but I'll show all of you a peek at the colors. Maybe i'll do more in the future if this post is liked?

This palette has nine bold colors and three cheek illuminator shades on the other side. I have not used these colors yet so I will not say much. They are pigmented and are very pretty colors. The illuminators are great. With the different shades I can use them as my skin color changes thru the months. This palette comes in a cute pink compact. Its a metallic pink and I love it. It has a mirror and of course flips. This palette is great for on the go and maybe trips.

What palette is your fave? Are you excited at trying s…