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ootd: be a tough girl

Top & Blazer: Express Pants: Gap Jewlery: Touch of Glamour Bag: shop in DC

At least I'm looking tougher than usual in this ensemble. No? Well I tried. I'm about as tough as chocolate in the heat. teehee. If you're curious about the outfit being too hot for East coast weather, it is. I like wearing jackets and cardigans into the office. The jacket keeps me warm and trendy. I just got these pants. Brand new from Gap. They only had these in black because they are "trying them out". I guess they will order more if women/girls like them. I sure do! I was hoping for more colors. These are the new skinny pants, not jeans. I love skinny jeans and it's so exciting to see skinny pants for the office. Are they appropriate for the office? I haven't had evil looks. I'll assume that is an OKAY! The fit is flattering and is so much more comfy than any of my other pants. If you are petite you may want to alter it. With my heels they are good, but if you like wearing…

mondays with mark: get Ashley Greene's Ultraviolet look

How to: ULTRA VIOLET FACE: Prep the skin with for goodness face. Next, using the mark. foundation brush, apply min-a-real and then matt-nificent.CHEEKS: Using the mark. powder brush, apply bronze pro in pro golden on the high plains of the face, and with the mark. blush and bronzer brush add a flush of color to cheeks with good glowing in hush baby.EYES: Start with please hold eye primer. Then using the mark. eye shadow brush, apply i-mark. metallics in moonshine on the base focusing on the inner corner. Layer on i-mark metallics in jazzy focusing on the middle of the lid, and finish with i-mark metallic in lava on the outer corner. Blend with the mark. blending brush. Now apply some of the i-mark metallic in lava across the bottom lash line, using the mark. flat eyeliner brush, and add no place to run in steely gaze on the inside lash line. Finally, line the top lashes with what a line in wee hours. Last, curl lashes using the mark. make me lash eyelash curler and then brush two coat…

vlog #2: family moments and shopping

Last weekend was pretty filled with family and shopping. In this vlog you will see some of my family shopping and having some fun quality time together. We went to visit some family in Raleigh, not too far from us, and they were so awesome to take me out shopping at their mall. The mall had some amazing stores like Sephora and H&M. And on this vlog are some funny moments with me and my girl friend Allison. Enjoy! Thanks for watching.

BTW vlogging is hard work. uploading/editing these videos are HARD WORK. It's an all day process. I give huge props to all those youtube gurus that do this! The hardest part was uploading- it takes soo much patience and that is not what i have. I think I will stick to blogging!

Also I realized by doing this vlog how much of a dork i am ^_^ dont have to let me know LOL.

fotd w/ sephora

Face: Nars sheer matte foundation Nars blush in orgasm
Maybelline fit #355 Eyes: Wet n Wild in silent treatment
Lips: ELF in seductive and mark juice gems in honeydew
Lately I have the urge to try new things. Makeup is one of them. I go nuts in a makeup store like Sephora or Ulta. We could be in there for hours! There is a vlog coming soon on my shopping trip in Sephora. Gawd I love that store. Too bad they don't carry mark there, right?! I was shopping with my girlfriend and it was on her list of places she wanted to look. Well you cannot take me into a makeup store and expect me to behave. I was going up and down the aisles and stopping to try EVERYTHING. Brands that were a must on my list were: nars, makeup forever, and urban decay. I was sooo impressed with urban decay's 15 year palette. Amazing, outstanding, & brilliant!! Too bad they are on the higher end of brands. I may go back and splurge.

I left with a couple of things: nars blush called orgasm (Yes that really is t…

ootd: 2011 VA/DC Quake

Outfit of the day (OOTD) Blazer: forever 21 Top: gift Skirt: ebay Bag: boutique from DC Jewelry: cart from the mall
The day of the earthquake, what it will be known now in history, I wore this outfit. It's history! LOL I know people are laughing about this. But I can now say I have experienced an earthquake. I would never thought an earthquake would be one of my experiences in life. Being that I live on the east coast, we are more known for tornadoe and hurricane disasters. I did have some friends in VA and were thinking of them. If I felt it here (hours away) from VA, how was it in their shoes? It was an interesting day for us at the office. We were not fortunate enough to be evacuated, but it was the talk of the day. Oh -let me tell you that we were not prepared for an earthquake. So if there is a next time- we may be in lots of trouble. I mean what do you do during an earthquake??? We here on the east coast only know tornado and hurricane emergency protocals! What a disaster it WOUL…

hair today,gone tommorow.

I'm constantly changing my hair a lot because i'm bored or need a new look. If you're interested in what products and how to get "my" hair continue reading.

My hair facts:

I shower at night and leave it to dry thru the night. I don't wash it every night. I have heard it is bad for you. My go to hair shampoo would be Garnier products. I've always found myself going back to it after trying others. I just started using this hair deep conditioning product by Aussie. It works wonders! This product works so well. It makes my hair shiny and soft. It's like brand new hair! My hair is wavy if I do not straighten it. (ATTN SERENA ^_~) I put my hair up in a bun (while its damp) with out any products and the next day take it down and put this FX curls up product in it. I just scrunch it into my hair- no brushing or using my fingers to brush thru. It will ruin the curls. And BAM instant beachy tousled hair!If im in a hurry I will throw it up into a bun or ponytai…

mondays with mark: love you like a love song

Selena Gomez's (& the scene) new music video "Love you like a love song" is full of energy and has a techno sound. The lyrics are fun and is about the first/ beginning of a couple's relationship. Another cool factor is she goes into fantasy lands. Her makeup was brilliant and colorful in this video. The look I adore is when she is in the karaoke bar and gets up to sing. Selena is sporting a purple eyeshadow with red lips. Among other looks I love, this one seemed to stand out more to me. I loved her beach scene makeup and the pinata scene. The hot pink lips are gorgeous. Anyways take a look at how I transformed into this look using mark products. And checkout the music video to see all the other looks and fantasy scenes! Also take a look behind the scenes with Selena.

Products used:
IMark in plum velvet, corset, & glitterati
part of flip for it urban neutrals palette in siren

Selena Gomez - Love You Like A Love ChaOko_01

videos: youtube & d…

mixed prints

Top: Target Dress: Forever 21 Belt: Thrift EBEW's challenge= mixed prints. I was out of my comfort zone for this challenge. I have never thought about wearing stripes and dots together.There were no dots and stripes for me. I chose plaid and floral. Eeeppp! Even though the patterns were different the colors were in the same family. My thought was if they are in the same family it would not look too crazy for the office. Turns out that I like the whole mixed pattern trend! The next try will be with stripes and floral. Some of the girls chose those patterns and it looked great on them. Oh and the skirt is actually a dress! Another reason to love dresses. They can be turned into skirts by just putting a top over it and adding a belt.

What about you? Do you guys like mixing patterns? What do you mix? Leave me comments ^_^

BTW I have started looking at fall attire. OMG! I can not wait for it! Look at these awesome looks from DVF Fall collection.

fotd + TAG wierd Q/A with me

FOTD: eyes: i-mark in corset, espresso, glitterati lips: juice gems in juicy mango tango
Here is another TAG. A fun one with wierd questions!

#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you? does lise count? its a shorter version of my name, as if my name wasn't short enough lol. And when im being dramatic/annoying they say princess.

#2. What's a weird habit of yours? i make funny faces -randomly and sometimes its just at my self when im doing my makeup.

#3. Do you have any weird phobias? dirty/wet sponges

#4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast && belt out when you're alone? is it still a secret then? lol okay... " super bass"  i'll sing/rap it soo loud in the car. Ah ha this guy actually caught me in my car singing it. i laughed. lil asian gangsta girl LOL!!!

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves? being late!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it soooo much. it seriously ruins my day.

#6. What's one of your nervous habits? my hands move…

mondays with mark: color blocking

My ballet poses! I felt like a pretty ballerina in this makeup and my hair in a bun. And my ballerina gear from Ralph Lauren? LOL! BTW I was not a ballerina, (because I had you fooled-Right) but I did have lessons in Thai/Lao traditional dance. ^_^ But Ballerina's are so pretty and graceful! A trend that I have been seeing is color blocking in fashion, but beauty too. This looked really sweet on a model I saw. She had navy and purple. In color blocking you can match sooo many different color combos. Blue/purple, yellow/blue, green/blue, green/yellow, pink/purple, pink/blue SOOO many! It could go on for days. I paired purple and yellow together for my look. It was challenging to find a match. I wanted to do them all.

Eyes: mark Lash All You Want High-Volume Mascara, mark What A Line Felt Tip Eyeliner
Top eyelids: Piccadilly Bottom of eyes: mark on the dot eye color compact (yellow/gold)
Lips: mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstick in coral fixation
Face: powder buff natural sk…

vlog: charleston trip

There were MILLIONS of pictures in my blog from my trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Now there is a video! I thought this place is too pretty not to show you guys some footage. Also some awkward, silly, fun moments with my family and Souwan's. I don't really do vlogs or video entries of myself/life. If this goes well I will get the courage to do more. I'm horrible at public speaking even when it's just myself and a camera ha! Wierd, because I love to talk. Anyway enjoy guys! Here is the link just in case it doesn't play on here

What do you guys think of Charleston, South Carolina? Leave me comments. Follow! ^_^

fotd + TAG would you rather beauty edition

face of the day: mark Mini Mark It Stick Hook Up Stick for Eyes in cocoa bean mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in minx
I got this TAG from another beauty blogger. These questions pose a challenge for ladies out there who adore makeup and beauty products. It sounded fun so here are my answers to this TAG.

1.) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?  eyeshadows/palettes. lipsticks/glosses are sooo hard to replace esp when you find your favorite and they discontinue it.
2.) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again? i love my hair long. i would miss it too much. so i would rather never be able to cut it again.

3.) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek? pink cheeks. coral is great, but i love my pink.

4.) If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup? clothes!

5.) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick? eyelin…

beat the heat

Dress: Forever 21 Blazer: Ann Taylor Clutch: Rugged Warehouse
The weather is very hot this summer. Here on the East coast it's 100+. I believe our highest so far was 103?! The challenge this time around was beat the heat. Dress in something for the cool temps inside and hot temps outside. At work I keep a sweater with me, but sometimes I put on a blazer with my ensemble. While im inside I would wear the blazer to keep me warm in the cold air. Then outside I take the blazer right off because the heat just smacks you in the face coming out of the door ^_^ . I think this outfit definately beats the heat! I also adore cardigans for the office if you do not like blazers.

How do you keep warm in the office or just in a cold inside room? Leave me comments ^_^ . Don't forget about the mark SUPER flip for it giveaway that ends this weekend! Click here.

fotd + yours truly

face of the day: (fotd)
eyes: i-mark custom pick eye shadow in espresso lips: mark lipclick full color lipstick coral fixation
For work today I wore a coral (coral fixation) lip color and brown (espresso) colored eyeshadow for a simple chic look. You might have read that my new favorites are coral colors.
 Do you like coral makeup colors?yesnoI don't knowView Results

Don't forget about the mark super flip for it giveaway! Go here for more. It ends Sunday at 8pm EST. I left that out by mistake in the other post. Oops!
Some other things about me:
I saw this questionnaire on someone else's blog. I thought this would be a fun way to get to know me.

wierdest obssession: dresses/skirts. I love dresses. They are comfy and low maintenance. If that's not wierd enough then beef jerky with cheese dip. I love that stuff. LOL.

current obssession: all things coral. especially makeup.

wearing today: navy blue baby doll dress from papaya, beige blazer that was a gift from mom.

favorite comf…

beauty haul and GIVEAWAY!

Instead of a look today I have bought some mark products and wanted to let ya know what i'm using right now. Hopefully next week I can do the look I have been dying to share. Here also are some things that I have just bought, but not yet used. Check out my mark store on the left to find all of these products. Sorry I didn't link them, there was a lot of products.

-mark get bright hook up highlighter. This makes my face all dewy looking.
-mark get a tint shimmer tinted moisturizer lotion. I love the tinted moisturizer, so I got it in shimmer too.
- mark what a line felt tip eyeliner. I am liking this soo much. It applies smoothly. It is close to liquid eyeliner, but it doesn't smear as easy and dries faster. For those who have issues with liquid liner, but love how it applies this eyeliner is the best!
- mark please hold eye primer. I had to have this to beat the heat and keep my eye makeup in place. It goes all day!!
-mark hook up angeled brush and mark blending brush. Just w…

waterfront park, gelato, and shopping

This is last of our weekend trip! Aren't you sad?! Or maybe like FINALLY. Too many pictures! Ha! On our last day we had fun at Waterfront park.We went to the park at night too and cooled off. The park is so sweet. There is a sweet view of the Cooper River Bridge, water fountains, and swings. After the park we were in the mood for some cold, sweet treats and went to this gelato place near the park. Then spent some time on Market street and Kings street. The girls loved the shopping! We especially enjoyed Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. Thats it guys! Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. I'm putting video footage together to show you live footage of everything. Even some hilarious/wierd moments with the family.