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My favorite moments of 2013

2013 was an exciting year! It was full of vacations, magical memories and life changing moments. I am hoping a more amazing 2014! I have rounded up my top ten favorite moments of 2013. Take a look:

Souwan was a monk for a day. He learned it was a hard task. An honorable tradition in our culture.

We gave more back to our community this year. I loved every bit of it. We helped One Church One Child with the drives and cleaning the facility. I spent time with some kids painting pumpkins at a school and got to know them. It was so nice to meet them. We gave food, clothes and our love. It was so nice to be able to give and care more about others this year.

Our Derby Bridal Shower was so much fun. I loved dressing up for the "Derby" and seeing all my friends and family have fun with it too. I loved the sweet and fun moments reading cards from my friends and family.

We went to Myrtle Beach and stayed at a resort where we drank by the pool/hottubs. The girls took me out to Hard …

outfit of the day: New Year's Eve Remix!!

what i'm wearing: macy's black sequin dress, target tux blazer, kohls pearl ring, claire's pearl bracelet, jessica Simpson strapped heels, thrifted black clutch bag

what i'm wearing: macy's black sequin dress, gifted denim button up, gifted monogramed necklace, rack room black booties

what i'm wearing: macy's black sequin dress, gifted tear drop faux diamond necklace, gifted black turtleneck, target faux diamond butterfly headband, rack room suede boots

what i'm wearing: macy's black sequin dress, old navy plaid button up, n/a pearl cluster necklace, express skinny black belt, k-mart black ballet flats

what i'm wearing: macy's black sequin dress, forever 21 striped top, target red pumps, express black skinny belt

what i'm wearing: sear's blue ruffle button up, express white v neck long sleeve top, k-mart black ballet flats, n/a oversized sunglasses

I love the sparkle, sequins, and fireworks on New Year's eve! This year wit…

Christmas w/ the Kiengkhams: gingerbread village & gift wrapping

It's the eve of Christmas Eve! Oh happy day! It has been a warmer Christmas here, 70 degree weather doesn't make it feel like Christmas is near. We have been bringing Christmas cheer around here. Wrapping gifts, making gingerbread cookies, swapping gifts with our distant relatives/friends, watching Christmas movies, & a love feast at church with advent songs has fully made me feel like Christmas is coming very soon. My friend gave us his famous beef jerky for a gift, it will not make it to Christmas. Our family from Indiana sent us some wonderful gifts and unfortunately one gift (Santa cookie jar) did not make it. My neice said "Santa is resting in pieces" literally. I've learned my lesson, don't ship ceramic presents ever again. I recieved some sweet cards from our friends. I love getting cards! They are sitting next to our fireplace. I'll look at them as I am enjoying Christmas movies.

I spend all month long (November too) watching Christmas movies…

Christmas w/ the Kiengkhams: our holiday ornaments + festival of trees

It's our first Christmas together as husband and wife, but for a double dose of happiness it's our first Christmas together in our first home! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I'm so happy to decorate our very own home.

In the other posts, we showed you our lights.Today I wanted to share our Christmas ornaments on our first tree. First, this tree was given to us by our friend. She was so sweet enough to give us this beautiful faux Kennedy fir tree. We decorated our first tree with our favorite plaid bows. These were handmade by us! Other handmade ornaments were given to us. The 2012 ornament is from a year ago, but I love it because of it being a handmade ornament from my brother. My friend Joann handmade the colorful sequin ornament, given to me as a birthday gift. I love sequins! Souwan's friend Brenda handmade the train with Santa. She is very talented and patient painting it. The two last ornaments, one is a classic glass holly ornament given by our n…

outfit of the day: clad in plaid

What I wore: Old Navy plaid button up, Express skirt, Rack room boots

first home: underground water leak

Here is an update on all things we have been doing since my last post! Right before Thanksgiving, my husband and I bought a washer/dryer for our home. We got it hooked up and were so excited. I think we're showing our age, our level of excitement over a washer/dryer was like a teenage girl getting her first boyfriend. After getting it hooked up and loading our first bit of laundry, water started flowing out of the pipes onto the floor. We ran to grab buckets to hold the water and drain the washer. Souwan and I were devastated, like a teenage girl getting dumped by her first boyfriend devastated! Not ever owning a home or being able to call maintenance from the apartment office, we started calling my family members and googling what has happened. My co-worker Mike lent us some great advice. We had a clog! Souwan and I never even thought about that. The house is 1940s old and was vacant for a couple of years. When a house is vacant, it is code to put antifreeze in the pipes. Our fr…

Christmas with the Kiengkhams

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love to celebrate Jesus's birthday! I adore the lights, bows, plaid décor thru the home. My husband loves the plaid and all the Christmas treats. I watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas carols non stop. Our décor thru the home is bright, traditional and simple. We are still not finished hanging the garland and placing poinsettia's thru the home. Update soon! Thank you for reading friends!