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today was a fairytale

Before work I saw an hour of the ceremony. Yes I woke up early, 5 am to be exact! I was not able to watch the entire day. I did get to see her in THE dress. The dress was beautiful! Alexander McQueen! One of my top picks. Click here to see what I picked. In case you missed the Royal wedding. Here are all the special moments.

Fun facts about the Royal Wedding:
Kate is first to wear her hair down. its been tradition that the Brides wear it up. Prince William is now referred to as His Royal Highness Duke of Cambridge Catherine is now referred to as Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge Her dress is Alexander McQueen and so is her Maid of Honor {sister} Pippa's dress. Catherine's tiara was borrowed from the Queen. It's a 1936 Cartier Halo. Given to the Queen when she was 18. At Westminster Abbey the bride had to wear sleeves. The bride and groom kissed twice! Their getaway car was an Aston Martin Catherine did her own makeup. Tune in to Monday's w/ mark. I'll show you what s…

the big day

Um... actually Kate-Catherine's big day. Billions of girls will be living vicariously through her today. Who would not want to marry the Prince? A girl's dream! A real life fairy tale. Even though she will be arriving to WestMinster Abbey in a Rolls Royce not White horse. So it's every girl's big day today. I woke up early to watch the wedding before heading to work. I will only see an hour of it. No spoilers please! Yea that will be difficult. The news will cover it mintue by minute. The rest of the wedding I will have my life saver DVR. The biggest mystery that the world {maybe just me in my own little world?} is waiting for is THE dress. There are TONS of designers to choose from. My hunch is that she will choose an up and coming British Designer. However, she may surprise everyone with someone outside of that arena. If Catherine decides to, hopefully it will be Elie Saab!
My top five picks: {this is the march madness of wedding dresses HA!}
1. Phillipa Lepley 2. Ale…

a royal drink for the royal wedding

by Souwan

If you have not noticed Lisa has been infatuated over the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine. She has been raving over Catherine more than anything. Lisa has her DVR and alarm set to watch it tomorrow. She will be watching on BBC America. The wedding starts tomorrow at 4am {6am ceremony} our time for any who want to tune in.

For this royal occasion I made us a royal flush beverage.

How to make a Royal Flush:
serving scale = 1 1 1/2 ozCrown Royal® Canadian whisky
1 ozpeach schnapps
1/2 ozChambord® raspberry liqueur
1 ozcranberry juice
Pour ingredients into a tumbler over ice, strain into a glass, and serve.

the princess & me

Shirt: Express Belt: Marshall's Pants: Gift

Blazer: Target Pants: Ann Taylor Shirt: Charlotte Russe Clutch: Rugged Warehouse Shoes: Payless

Soon to be princess that is. Kate has been a fashion icon for me in recent years and also a role model. Kate has been a huge influence on Prince William. Not just as his fiancee. As a friend she helped him find his way in school and preparing to be the future King. It's very exciting to see her marry her Prince charming after a decade together. My style is influenced by Kate's. For the most part. Sometimes I cheat on her with Blair Waldorf's style. Ha! I will definitely be tuning in to the wedding Friday. What I am most anxious to see is the wedding dress and tiara. I am looking forward to her vows and Prince William's too. You may be exhausted from hearing about them, but this is history in the making! Kate-Catherine is thought to be the next Queen of England. Watch out Michelle. A new power playing woman on her way! Might I add her f…

wine,BBQ, & family

{I forgot my camera, but Dina had her camera phone!}

{We chowed down on everything. So not really much to capture. Ha!}

{New flowers in the yard}
Dina came down to visit the family over Easter. It is always great to have another girl around. I grew up with 6 boys. I love them, but its nice to get a break and hang with a girl. We went back to the winery {Childress Vineyards} to have lunch and do some shopping. Later on we met up with the rest of the family for a BBQ. The family sat around chatting. My family can be chatterboxes. Can you tell from me? Ha!

{images from google}
The next day we went to see Soul Surfer. Its such an inspiring movie. A must see!! I cried like a baby. The movie is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton and her life after the shark attack. {She is an American professional surfer and part of team Rip Curl.} She turned to faith, helping others, support from her family, friends and fans. Bethany visited Thailand after the tsunami and her attack. Her pain helped…

mondays with mark: cat eyes

EYES: Sweep i-mark in shade biscotti along the brow bones.

Run what a line in shade twilight across the eyelids, drawing the line slightly beyond the outer corners of the eyes and downwards.

Fill in the shape until solid.

Brush two coats of make it big in shade raven onto lashes.CHEEKS: Dust good glowing in shade kitten glo up the cheekbones.LIPS: Apply pro gloss in shade sexy
These cat eyes are from one of my fave mark artists Mai Quynh. Celebs like Angelina Jolie and Rhianna have rocked the cat eyes too. Cat eyes are fierce and can accentuate your eyes. I love it. This look will look great out on the town or just when you feel like kickin butt. Right? Ha! I hope you all enjoy this look!
Happy Monday!

Dos & Donts

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I know it was a great one for me.


Pocahontas meets cowboy is a great Halloween costume, but its months away.

Beyonce walked out before they let her finish sewing the dress together.

Lingerie is for the bedroom Christina.

Kate can do no wrong in my book. She is my fashion icon. Cannot wait to see her wedding gown Friday!

Chiffon is one of my obsessed items for the Spring.

Beige and red is perfect this season on the red carpet.