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wish you were coming

So I am actually going on a vacay. First time this summer. WHOAA! I'm headed to the beach.
I'll see ya guys next week. I wish you all could come with us. Have a terrific weekend!

another girls treasure

Top: Old Navy Skirt: Thrifted Bracelets: gift Ring: gift
Inspired by:

If you noticed the background is not the same here. I chose to venture out into uptown to brick street. When I first started taking pics there was no one around. I was a little shy when noticing these people standing and watching. I noticed some had their camera phones out taking pics. I actually felt cool and shy. Did this guy think I was shooting for a mag?? If he did, that is way too cool. LOL. had an extra challenge. Thrifted. Yes it is not a word, but it is in the blog world. I shop in thrift stores ALOT. Another girl's worn is another girl's treasure? I was really excited for this one. I have alot of pieces in my closet that are from the thrift store. My skirt came from the thrift store. It is a ruffled, light, and floral skirt. This skirt is just right for the summer. This outfit is not what I would wear to an office ( like my others), but it's a great one for a summer outing or even date ni…

mark products review

Today I have some great products to show you. Products that I use and love too much not to share.

Mark lash all you want high volume mascara
I'm so excited about this mascara!! HIGH VOLUME! It adds up to 12X volume in ONE coat. This is not an exaggeration. The brush has bristles at the tip to get the tiniest lashes or what I like to call baby lashes. Ha! It comes in all the colors you would want plus cool ones like wine and violet. This mascara makes your eyes really pop and applies so easy. Also this is a fave of Ashley Greene's (the initials are hers in this pic).

Right now there is a special offer for all of you! Lash all you want and make me lash both for only $12!!!! Mark touch and glow shimmer cream cubes all over face palette
This is an adorable palette. It's luminous, shimmery, and brights up your skin. Don't worry if you have oily skin it doesn't slide off and make your face extra shimmery. The palette is cream to powder formula. You can apply it as bronzer, …

mondays with mark: purrfect purple!

First and foremost!!
my lil fashionista <-  I swear she has more style- swag ( i know S & Kim are laughing at me cause I totally just said swag) than me and she is only 15! Watch out world! I can't believe it. Just yesterday she was 2 and she thought i was the coolest person. she immitated everything i did. now she's her own, she's mighty beautiful, and an awesome young lady.   if ya dare mess with her, im coming after ya with my stillettos! I'll try. LOL.
I love you!

Purple is a go to look for me. I think it's the easiest eye color/shadow to use. When I first started experimenting with makeup-purple was the color eyeshadow to use. You can apply it as a day look and night. It makes a beautiful smokey eye color if you pair it with black or gray. Also if you had a late night out or your eyes lids are puffy- purple is the perfect color to hide that puffiness (also use with concealer).

PS~ The tank you see is a sneak peak of my wednesday post! stay tuned!
Products u…

happy list

(image from
1. Got some Dim Sum this weekend. I have been wanting it for a while now. So Yay!
2. Watched the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper. He is one of my crushes. Ha!
3. Naps. I love naps and got to take some through out the day today.
4. Took some pictures uptown and people were watching/taking pictures of me with their phones. LOL.
5. Three day work week this week! I'll miss my coworkers but def not my work. Ha!
6. I also bought some new Mark eyeshadows and brushes. Very excited to use them!

Quick shoutout: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY!Oh I baked you a cake, but the panda ate it LOL!!!

nice girls finish last

If you hadn't noticed I'm a youtube faaareeeak! I love watching dance, comedy and music videos. And I try to search for something that makes me smile and laugh in hopes that you will enjoy too. Cuz I DO! Ha!

So check this girl out. Megan Lee. I found her thru Jason Chen, who is also amazing! Megan's video made me laugh my ass off! Like rolling on the floor- well couch lol. Her video portrays girls who try to be bad girls because thats what will get the boys ... HUH?! {also is based off "nice guys song"}

Also check Jason Chen out. He's alright too JOKING he's terrific. Clickity click and enjoy! Don't be afraid to show me your favorite videos. I'd love to laugh with ya! Post links in the comment box or facebook me. OHH and you can tweet me! Yep I signed up for twitter & in need of friends- so twitter me  @lisaanatha  follow and I'll follow you! Um- warning I'm still getting used to twitter and don't know ANYTHING. And i'm bad at…

Truffles of a Party!!!

For my cousin's (Malee's) birthday I decided to make her Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes.  I was excited to share the cupcakes with Malee and her friends. The cupcakes did not turn out the way I wanted.  I made cupcakes before, but this time I used the ice cream scoop to make the cupcake portion in size. This caused the cupcakes not to rise to the height I wanted. Instead of throwing it away I decided to make TRUFFLES!!!

For cupcakes/truffles:
1 (18 1/4 ounce) package white cake mix1 (3 ounce) package strawberry gelatin1 cup mashed fresh strawberries (1 and 1/2 c. whole=1 c. mashed)1 cup vegetable oil1/3 cup buttermilk4 eggs For the lemon cream cheese frosting
1 tub Whipped Cream Cheese frosting1 -2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice For chocolate coating
1lb dark or white chocolate Prepare and bake the cupcakes according to the directions of the package for a 9x13 cake. Once baked, allow the cake to cool completely.Crumble the cake into a large bowl and work it with your hands until it i…

say yellow!

Top: (yellow) Marshall's Green Cardigan- Gift Pants: Old Navy Jewlery: Gift
For this month's fashion challenge from EBEW (something yellow) I had a difficult time. My closet does not have a lot of yellows in it. Even though yellow is one of my favorite colors this summer. I guess there are not a lot of yellow pieces I like out there. I do have this yellow tank/baby doll top. By itself it is not flattering on petite girls. I put it with a green cardigan, which worked out because my office is pretty cold in the summer time. The cardigan helps keep my small frame too. Although I hated going outside in the heat wearing the cardigan. But I spend most of my day inside because my job is a 9 to 5-actually make that 830 to 530. Overall the yellow, green, and brown together worked nicely. Alot of earthy tones! BTW these pics bring me back to high school senior portraits, no?

not a justin beiber fan

We celebrated Malee's (Emmie's) 9th birthday this past weekend. I find it more difficult to shop as they get older. We just went out and bought her clothes. I think she might be at that age where fashion matters? My mom bought her Justin Beiber gear. Malee says she's not a fan. We were dumbfounded. A girl who isn't fond of JB??! OMG! I found a great summer outfit and it was pink. I hope pink works for her. At that age it was blue for me. Yep BLUE! I grew up with boys, so I was a bit of a tom boy. Who would have thought Lisa? A tom boy? I liked basketball and soccer and I played against-boys! One time my cousin kicked the soccer ball into my face. A girl would cry, right? No. I chased him around the yard for a minute until one of the other boys held me back to stop me. I was stubborn too. He was the cousin that I always got into fights with. And I'm talking pushing and shoving.  But we love eachother-it was a love/ hate type of thing. Thanks to my mom and dance I f…

monday's with mark: black & gold eyes

This week I wanted to explore an edgy look. What I have seen lately is all this black and gold {yellow to me ha!}. Emma Watson showed up on the red carpet premier of Harry Potter this past week with the look. Harry Potter is my fave btw! I'm so sad it's over. However Emma's make up is beautiful. Black and Gold also has been spotted on the k-pop group Rania in their new video "Dr Feel Good." Check them and Emma out. They are sexy in this makeup!

See how I did using mark makeup for the look:

makeup details:

mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow in Stellar & Corsetmark please hold eye primer { a must for the heat!}mark make it big lash plumpingmark get in line hookup liquid waterproof eyeliner { a must for the heat also!}**I think for a brighter/richer gold color on the eyes {for next time} mark Keep It Going Longwear Eyeliner & Shadow in Iconic would be a lot better for cameras to pick up. The yellow/gold on my skintone is lighter and does not show a rich …

happy list

The weekend is coming to an end.And I'm watching the USA women's soccer game against Japan. Let's go USA! #13 just made the first goal!! The US is looking great in this game.

Happy List:

1. Baking. I got to make truffles for my little cousin's birthday. She turned 9! Happy Birthday Malee! Pics will follow soon.

2. Burritos and KFC all in one week. It's bad, but ohhh sooo good!

3. I've learned the basics of a tripod. Now my memory has a test on it. Ha!

4.  Excited to get my invite to a wedding in ATL. I love weddings. Planning that trip already. Can't wait to see the beautiful bride! My favorite part is watching the groom as the bride comes his way. Such a special moment.

5. Messages from Dina & Som. Makes me smile to see the messages on Facebook! Both are serving our country.

Also new things on the blog site. Did ya see them?

You can now "like" my mark store facebook page and get updates and tutorials thru that.Shop by going over to the left …

asheboro zoo: birds

There were many birds at the zoo so I wanted to put them all in one post for you. These birds are part of Africa's exhibit. More to come -coming up: exotic flowers and extras of the family at the zoo. Ok Enjoy.

This little guy was a surprise to find. He matched the green background.

The moment a bird flew into my photo op. Fun moment! Not pictured me laughing and saying "OMG"!