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this love is ours

Its been a while since Souwan and I took pictures. For my Valentine's Day present the boyfriend bought me a photoshoot with Lisa Her at Blue Kiss Studio.Aww. Yes, it is early for exchanging gifts already. Souwan thought the earlier we do it, the less busy Lisa will be. I think she will be busy this time of holiday.

Lisa did a great job as always. Earlier this month she took photos of  Souwan's family. If you would like to see them, go to Keeping Up With the Kiengkhams. These photos are SWEET. I love how she captured us being silly. Let me tell you, she really caught us being US.

If you are on my facebook, please take a minute to vote for Souwan and I on the Blue Kiss page for Cutest Couple. Its two steps: first click on the page and "Like" the page, second find our photo and "Like" the picture. So easy! If we win, Souwan and I will be using the Blue Kiss gift card towards our family photo. My family would really appreciate it! Thanks for the help.

Click here…

let them eat cake

Souwan's birthday celebrations involved alot of food, games, and drinking. 

Souwan's nephew and neice threw a little family dinner with some poker. I won one hand and then lost all of it. Oh well, I'm still learning. (no real money involved here)

Look who just woke up. Hi Tasha! Such a cutie.

Delicious Crab!


My family took Souwan out to lunch at our favorite Dim Sum place, Dragon Court. It is located in Charlotte, North Carolina at Asia Corner Mall. Asia Corner Mall has shops & restaurants that are oriental. Guests can buy oriental clothing, jewlery, and music.

Souwan loves their Roasted Duck.

My favorite, Hy Gao.

After eating and shopping we headed back to our home. With the help of my mom, I made a special dinner for Souwan. I made stir fry noodle (1st dish: Kua Mee) and papaya salad (2nd dish: Thum Mak Houng). My cousins and friends joined us to eat all of the food. I am so full!

My cousin's girlfriend Dina introduced us to this Chocolate dessert that …

Happy Birthday Souwan

Happy 25th Birthday Hunnie! Yes, I got him up early before I went to work. I wanted to see him open my birthday gifts.  I happened to be ill on his birthday, but he took care of me thru the night. So sweet.

He really liked his card. (I wrote a personal message, but I decided not to share that.)

Souwan has been talking about Donkey Kong for Wii for the longest time. Now he can play it for the longest time. I might have just given him crack. LOL. Also he has been needing a new wallet. Very practical.

My brother bought Souwan a gift too. Aww a friendship bracelet?! Just kidding. It is an energy bracelet. My dad had given Lee one while he has been in and out of the ER. The bracelet is suppose to heal, keep you in balance, and give you energy. For those who are skeptics, it does work! Lee has been feeling a lot better.

Su Kwan in Huntsville

While in AL the boyfriends family held a Su Kwan. A Su Kwan is a traditional ceremony that involves tying holy cotton threads to ensure blessings of the spirits on specific persons, activities or places.

The centerpiece which is usually decorated with a flower arrangement holds the holy cotton threads. Once the candle is lit the scripture is chanted. Guests clasp their hands together and can chant as well. I am not familiar with the chanting so I listen. The cooked chicken is believed to ensure sufficient food to eat. There is also holy water. The flowers used often have meanings and symbols. It can mean love, longevity, and brilliance. 

The cotton thread is used to tie on guests. The knot in the thread is believed to tie the guests souls to their bodies. While the other people are tying these threads they offer good wishes like health, long life, prosperity and happiness. These holy threads must stay on for three days and cannot be cut.

This ceremony can also be used for births and mar…

Sweet Home Alabama

Boyfriend and I became tourists in his hometown for the couple of days we visited. We ate lots of good food, shopping, and bowling! Most importantly, spent time with his awesome family.

First stop, this Japanese place Sakura. SUSHI! I love sushi. At this restaurant I went risky business and had the volcano and calamari rolls. Oh my goodness was it delicious! In the volcano roll it had octopus, avocado, shrimp, crab, cucumber, spicy mayo, and masago. The calamari roll had squid, cucumber, masago, and spicy mayo. Yum! If you do not like seafood...stay away.

2nd stop was Bridge Street Town Centre. It is a street mall with upscale shops and restaurants. The Westin is located here as well. Guests can walk out of their hotel to shop or eat. Also located here is a cinema that you can eat and drink while watching your movie. It is probably best if you shop here in warmer weather.

It had snowed in Huntsville and the lake was frozen. So pretty.

Third stop was Paradise Smoothie. This place was one …