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if i had powers

Top: Thrift (The Limited) Skirt: Thrift Belt: Ann Taylor Jewlery: Belk

 I have been going to see { about to see} movies based off of comic books. I saw Green Lantern this past weekend. I adore Ryan Reynolds! He can do no wrong in my book. Ha! And I'm going to see Transformers this weekend {hopefully} with Shia Labeouf, Mcdreamy- Patrick Dempsey, and Josh Duhamel. Big fan of all these guys. Ha! Just FYI -I am also a fan of Fantastic Four. It made me think-What if I had powers? I would want to be invisible. Just to disappear at any moment-maybe from embarrasment or just to drop into a private conversation. I would have too much fun with it.

my hot list
Of course Green Lantern and Transformers 3!

Wouldn't this be interesting as choices on facebook for relationships? It's hilarious!

wanted: pinkberry!

When I am with my family we seem to get into mini adventures. This time it was finding Pinkberry. We drove out to Charlotte to shop and heard about this frozen yogurt {Pinkberry}. All of us wanted a taste of frozen yogurt. Oh and it could not just be another frozen yogurt place, it HAD AND MUST be Pinkberry! Ha! After walking around a mall and asking many of the food court/mall associates we had no luck. Google maps even failed us. I started texting friends too. No luck. Then LIGHTBULB Serena {in light blue shirt} said it must be outside the mall. We drove over to another shopping center across the street. And there it was. Que the angelic music. All screamed with joy for yogurt! BTW the frozen yogurt was delicious. I tried coconut with chocolate shavings and pearls. It was gooood!! Next time im thinking chocolate!

monday's with mark: no makeup makeup

Here is a great day look. Looking like you are not wearing makeup. I adore this.
How to:
Apply get a tint shimmer tinted moisturizer lotion SPF15 all over face. Then sweep glowdacious in prettied up along the cheekbone and to the apples of the cheeks
Apply mini mark it for eyes in cocoa bean all over the lid, then apply mini mark it for eyes in gold opal on the inside half of lids. With metalliner in shade bronze edge line the upper lid and the lower corners.
Apply lipclick SPF 15 color shine lipstick in shade honey bunny

Do's & Dont's


Selena Gomez goes back to basics. I love simple and pretty.

Camilla Belle looks great in this white suit at the young hollywood awards.

Hailee Steinfeld at the Cars 2 premier. I love her young and fun prints here.

Lucy Lui at Kung Fu Panda 2 premier. She looks fabulous in this white dress.

The Duchess charms in this outfit at handing medals to Irish guards. She definitely looks the part.

I love white & lace, but Sienna Miller's dress is not lovable.

Nicole Kidman at the CMT awards in this green frock. This whole ensemble doesn't work. It's the colors, the sheerness and just EVERYTHING.

Anna Kendrick at sundance. The gold and red do not look good together.

Ashlee Simpson at Charlotte Ronson for JC Penny. Her outfit is very outdated.

fade into me

So You Think You Can Dance is back! One of my favorites is the Viennese Waltz. Jordan & Tadd took on the dance for this week. Every waltz is romantic to me. I'm in love. Ha! Check them waltz to David Cook's Fade into me. LOVE it! Watch this show on Fox Wednesday's & Thursday's.
Happy Friday & enjoy the weekend.

familar faces + chignon hair do

I'm the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence at something that happened yesterday. -unknown

WTF right? Ha! I'm goofy.

Dress: Express Jewlery: Claire's & Gift For a past wedding I styled my hair in a high bun aka chignon. It was the easiest and glamorous look for a wedding that I could do without the help of a hair master. Ha! I also wear this style to work because it's chic and fast! You may have seen it before on other celebs. That is where I got the inspiration from! From Lauren Conrad (The Hills) to Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) have worn this hairstyle.
How To- Chignon hair:

1. Put your hair up in a high ponytail. Make sure you smooth all the bumps thru your hair.
2. Tease your ponytail.
3. Twist your ponytail and then wrap it in a loose circular bun. It's the same as putting your hair in a bun, but the trick is to make it loose instead of tight.
4. Pin it down to secure. And that is it! Go out in style ladies.

When I was looking at the…

dress stress

GRR! Those mosquitoes!

Rolling my eyes.  Ha!
Dress: Thrift Cardigan: Ann Taylor Belt: Thrift Jewelry: Kohl's
 My closet has to retire some outfits. This dress would be one of them. I'm pretty disappointed. It was a great dress. Tears. Just kidding! But that brings new clothes! I'm going to turn a sad moment to a happy one. Shopping soon, any sales going on guys?!
Hot on my list:

Blair's Balenciaga dress. And her hat!

I have been tuning into the Bachlorette for the first time ever.

This bun is chic. I have worn my hair like this to work. I like it because its fast and easy!

garden + white lilies

It's been a minute since I posted garden pics up. The garden has grown a lot since last time. Also these amazing white water lilies have bloomed. My mom tells me they only grow for three days before all the petals fall off. What is left of that lily is edible fruit.


My favorite statue is this buddha. Behind it is lemon grass.

string beans


if you noticed there is wire around the garden. rabbits have been eating up the garden.

mondays with mark: Jamie Chung LA Hangover premier

A couple of weekends ago I went to see Hangover 2 with the boys in my family. It was a very funny movie. If you liked the first you will enjoy this one. The plot is sort of the same except now they are in Bangkok, Thailand. FYI they are also in Phuket, Thailand. {My family is actually from Thailand-Issan part.} One of the guys of the wolfpack is getting married. The wife to be is Jamie Chung's character Lauren.
At the LA premier of The Hangover 2 Jamie's makeup was so beautiful. I wanted to re-create the look with Mark products. I had fun creating this look too. Check it out.

Blog meet the goofy side of me. When I get bored of posing for a perfect shot, I do goofy faces.

Mark products used no place to run longwear eyelinermark on the dot eye color compact-brown, beige, and blackgood glowing mosaic blush custom color palette-love rushpowder buff natural skin foundation-honeymattenificent oil absorb powder-honeygloss gorgeous stay on lip stain-pop

The new Hangover 2 is out in thea…