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Best of 2014

This is our year in photos. I won't explain all of them, however these photos are highlights of the best times from 2014. 2014 was full of happiness! Celebration! Some of our best friends got married. Our cousins got baptized. My cousin Tom graduated college. Souwan's cousins had their first baby girl.   Entertainment! Souwan got to enjoy various car shows. Souwan went to his first concert. My girlfriend and I went to a bridal show and met Emily Maynard from the Bachelor. Souwan and I enjoyed the Dragon Boat Festival. Traveling! We went to several wineries. We travelled to the three different beaches. My husband and I got to enjoy the mountains.  We went ice skating together for the first time. My husband and I got to visit his family in Alabama. Accomplishments! Souwan passed his PHR test. We started a garden and got to enjoy what we grew. I learned to make new dishes. I learned to ride a horse named Bella. We built a new picket fence for our yard among other several yard p…

kiengkham's korner: Christmas at the Kiengkham's

Our friends and family came over to our house to open presents, eat lunch and of course have a corn-hole tournament!  It was so nice to get together with them...especially my cousin Noah, who has been away training with the military.  We got to FaceTime with our nieces from Chicago.  Our cousin rented "The Interview" online for the entire family to watch...(he stated it was his present to us).  Everyone packed into our living room and had a great time watching the movie. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas filled with funny, memorable, happy memories to last a lifetime.  Taken with my iPhone: Taken with my camera: