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Kiengkham's Korner: Lately....

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My brother Lee made this for us as a Christmas present. It was a nice surprise. I really adore the vintage look of it! For Christmas we had all of our cards on it and now it looks empty. I'm still playing around with what to put on it. Right now it's just poinsettias left from Christmas and lanterns. I need to work more on the décor! 

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Our haul this week:  Before coupon - $87.64, After coupon - $14.90

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My husband is making our favorite soup, Pho. I haven't been feeling well and he has been such a trooper around the house. I'm so blessed, and I know it!

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We gave up our Dish!! I've been trying to live frugal and another bill that we cut is the Dish bill. People usually cannot live with out their cable, but we're going to try it. We bought an antenna. It's not like the old fashion rabbit ears, but it's a thin flat square piece that sticks to the wall/window/back of television and it gives you 60 channels. Souwan and I also signed up for Hulu and Netflix. We stream it on our Roku device. So far we have not missed our Dish/Cable. If we miss a show it will show on Hulu a day later, but that's no biggie. I would say that was the only difference. We're saving $780 yearly!


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