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recap of february

March has flown by so fast! I'm getting so excited for this warm weather, I hope it stays. Right now it's back and forth with the cool weather. Anyways, here are pics from February. I know that March is almost over and i'm playing catch up! In case you wanted to catch up, In February was the Super Bowl, a couple of milestones for Haylee bear, our Valentine's day party at church and we had a quick weekend getaway at Morgan Ridge Vineyards.

As you know, our team lost the Super Bowl. We watched the game at my mom's house and had a delicious dinner filled with chicken wings and mac and cheese! We will be back next season! Can't wait! Haylee bear has grown so much, she is now brushing her teeth (2 teeth) and standing/using the furniture to cruise her way around the living room. Where does she learn this stuff?! We're so proud of her! Haylee, Souwan and I all went to our church for a Valentine's Day party where we had a blast in the photo booth, ate yummy spaghetti and played a great game of Bingo. We got to spend a nice cool afternoon at Morgan Ridge Vineyards with our family and had an awesome lunch (with wine).

Let me know if you guys like these recaps! Coming soon, our coupon hauls, Haylee's first Easter. We have been going to our local library with Haylee, would you guys like to know more about what she is reading? Let me know!

Thanks for visiting the blog!

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  1. Really beautiful pictures :)


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