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wedding wednesday: simple floral centerpieces

Hi Ya'll! It's a new month and a new wedding Wednesday! It's my favorite time!!! Today I'm showing ya'll simple floral centerpieces. It's weird because I just had a meeting with one of my brides where we talked about ideas for centerpieces. I think this is the perfect topic for wedding Wednesday! Also, I'm not a professional florist by any means. Florists do a wonderful job creating magnificent arrangements and are total artists!!!

Every bride has different budgets and where they choose to spend for their special day. Some brides splurge on centerpieces, but some brides may opt to splurge on photography. So, if you don't want to splurge on centerpieces and want something sweet and simple stick around!

These flowers are from my back yard! I love flowers! Having fresh florals all over the home is my favorite décor. However, you can go to the supermarket and pick up some fresh florals too! I had so much fun playing with these floral arrangements. It's weird but it's soothing to me to cut and arrange flowers.

Some things I think about when putting flowers together are colors, size, and volume. Don't worry, i'm not going to turn this into a math course!! However, when I put flowers together I think of my wardrobe or paint colors. This will give you an idea of what colors pair well together. (See how florists are artists?!!) For example, purple Lavender with yellow Gladiolus. So don't mix a crazy amount of colors together because that will drive your eyes crazy. Then look at size. If you like tall centerpieces, you'll want to get tall vases and keep the stems long rather cutting them down. You will also want to keep the flowers at a similar height as other flowers you mix in, but not all the same height. For volume, you will want to have fillers. Fillers will give your centerpiece volume if you want to spread your pretty blooms around. My favorite would be lily of the valley or baby's breath. If you don't have that in your backyard lol then you could cut some greens/branches or purchase it like I did below.

Enjoy my simple centerpieces I created all from my backyard!

20170617-DSC_0227 20170617-DSC_0223 20170617-DSC_0218


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